Sunday 11am-12.15pm: Family Worship
Our main church gathering happens on Sunday mornings when we come together for a time of worship, music, prayer, and looking to the Bible for teaching and guidance. We try and include interactive elements in our services, as well as making time and space for quiet reflection. Needless to say, there is always coffee! Sunday School starts at 11.30am which gives the young people and children a chance to learn in ways that are appropriate to them. 

Second Sunday of the month 11am-1pm: Messy Church and 7pm-8pm 'Room'
On Sunday 12 January the first ever Messy Church kicked off with around 22 families coming to share in a time of coffee/craft/activities/celebration and food! If you would like more information on what Messy Church is all about then drop in to the centre or call 01489 796491 for more details. Your family would be most welcome! As there is not a "regular" service in the morning, we also gather in the evening in the cafe for an hour of informal worship and teaching, under the banner of "Room: a Space for Something to Happen." We use this time to connect with God in a very personal and quieter way.