Cell Groups

HESA currently has 4 cell groups that meet on at different times during the week in different homes. These groups are great places to build friendship, pray for one another and learn more about what it means to be a Christian and to follow the example and teachings of Jesus. For more information call the church office on 01489 796491.

Life Groups
A Life Group is a group of 3 or 4 people who will meet together at a time that is mutually convenient and spend time sharing their lives with each other, reflecting on the things that are going well, the challenges, and encouraging each other to live well for God in the places where He has placed them. As a church we encourage people to consider participating in these groups which provide accountability and prayerful encouragement.

Social Events
We are a church who enjoy each others company! Whether it is a picnic, a B-B-Q, a skittles night, or whatever, food always seems to play a part in the times that we share together! Laughter is a hallmark of these occasions. These are always open events so keep a check on the announcements page to see what is coming up soon.